Hand hygiene you can feel completely confident about

The human hand is and will remain our most important work tool – and is in constant use in everyday clinical practice. However, since around 80% of all hospital-acquired infections are transmitted by hands, they represent the greatest risk of microbial transmission. Consistent hand disinfection for doctors, nurses, carers and patients helps to break the chain of transmission.

Take care of your hands and they'll take care of you.

The health of skin affects the risk of the hand as a carrier of disease. Irritated skin, cracks and even the smallest wound are an invitation to all kinds of pathogens to settle on or in the body. Care and protection of the hands is therefore an essential component of hand hygiene, because only healthy skin can be effectively disinfected.

schülke offers a complete and integrated range of products: from effective and gentle hand disinfection and cleaning to skin protection and care - to make you feel safe every day.

Hand care cycle

Hand cleansing

Hand cleaning

Cleaning the hands before starting work and when visibly dirty removes dirt and microorganisms. Our sensiva® wash lotion with skin-friendly surfactant cleans hands gently and thoroughly.

Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

schülke hand disinfectant brand desderman® has broad efficacy and excellent skin tolerance – demonstrated both in various studies and by millions of uses in the health care sector. Our products are particularly suitable for high-frequency daily use.

Hand protection

Hand protection

Our skin protection for the hands includes a whole range of specific measures to keep the skin healthy. schülke sensiva® protective emulsion is designed to protect the skin from irritation. Absorbs rapidly and leaves a non-greasy feel to the hands, so ideal for frequent use to nourish the skin. 

Reparative skin care

Skin care

octenicare® repair creme should be used when needed, to care for irritated, dry and flaky skin. Suitable for after activities that are stressful to the skin and after work for nourishment and repair. Contains bisabolol as an anti-inflammatory and to soothe the skin and panthenol to support natural skin regeneration.

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