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perform® ID

Deep cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions through complete immersion


Our Plus

  • broad microbiological effect with short submersion time
  • specially formulated to respect the dimensional stability of impression materials such as alginates, silicones and polyethers
  • excellent cleaning power removes blood and saliva residues
  • effective against bacteria, viruses (inc. HBV, HIV, HCV) in ten minutes
  • uses the immersion method which means no aerosols and ensures every surface of the impression is disinfected
  • cost effective: 2% concentration, makes 45L in use solution from a 900g tub and 60L in use solution from the sachets
  • tested material compatibility and dimensional accuracy for polyether, silicone and alginate
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Fields of Application
perform® ID is used for the disinfection of prosthetic material and dental impressions of silicone, polyether, alginate, by submersion.
Instructions for use
Rinse the prosthetic material and impressions under running water. Dissolve 2 level measuring scoops perform® ID by scattering it in 2 litres lukewarm water (= 2 % solution). Place the prosthetic material and impressions in the solution, leave to react for 10 minutes and then rinse the pieces again under running water and wrap the impression in damp gauze and seal in a plastic bag, mark clearly that the impression has been disinfected. In line with the COSHH regulations 2002 the responsibility for ensuring impressions and appliances have been cleaned and disinfected prior to dispatch to the laboratory lies solely with the dentist. Used in the way described above perform® ID is also suitable for disinfecting worn dentures, dental work pieces and prosthetic materials.
Microbiological efficacy
Efficacy Concentration Contact time
in accordance with VAH
2 % (20 ml/l) 10 min.
in accordance with VAH
2 % (20 ml/l) 10 min.
virucidal against enveloped viruses
in accordance with VAH
2 % (20 ml/l) 10 min.
Product data
1 g perform® ID contains 0.2 g potassium peroxomono sulphate, 0.15 g sodium benzoate, 0.1 g tartanic acid. Other ingredients (according to EU recommendation): 5-15% anionic surfactants, 5-15% non-ionic surfactants, less than 5% soap and phosphanate, fragrance.

Chemical-physical data

Flash point:Not applicable
Viscosity, dynamic:Not applicable
pH:ca. 4 / 5 g/l / 20 °C / in water
Special advice
For all of the related safety information please refer to the Safety Data Sheet. To request the Safety Data Sheet please

Do not store above room temperature. Standing time for the use-solution: 1 working day (at 20 °C). In the event of heavy soiling, renew earlier.
Reputable manufacturers of common impression materials point out that in order to avoid technical problems when taking the impression and during subsequent processing the manufacturers instructions must be followed exactly. The quality of the impressions and thus the quality of dental work pieces are considerably influenced by these factors.
Products that are suitable for the disinfection of impressions on applications are CE marked to demonstrate conformity to European directives. The manufacturers recommendation and instruction for the dilution of the disinfectant and immersion time must be adhered to. Disinfectants should not be sprayed onto the surface of impressions as this lessens the effectiveness and creates an inhalation risk. When disinfecting impressions with perform® ID particular care should be taken to ensure that the stipulated 10 minute contact time in the immersion bath is observed.
Do not store the sachets above room temperature. The granulate is stable in the sealed sachet for 2 years. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Splashes onto the body should be rinsed off well with water. Working with gloves is recommended, as the use solution can have a bleaching effect on sensitive fabrics.
Information for order
Item Delivery form Item no.
perform-ID 120x40 g BT 1/Carton 122313
GTIN: 4032651223138
perform-ID 900 g DS 4/Carton 122305
GTIN: 4032651223053
perform ID -UK- 40 g BT 1/Carton 70001855
GTIN: 4032651976645
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining our high quality standards.
Expert opinion and information
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