Safe handling of cytostatics: According to a study the newly developed perform® sterile mucasol is a suitable alkaline cleaning solution


Cytostatics and monoclonal antibodies are central pillars in tumor treatment. The basic substances are produced by the pharmaceutical industry, while the patient-specific preparation or dosage is carried out in specialized pharmacies or hospitals. Due to their formular, the cytostatic drugs used are carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or reprotoxic (CMR: carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic). Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or equivalent national guidelines is essential to ensure product quality and the protection of staffand the environment. In addition to safe handling techniques, validated cleaning procedures are required.

  • The professional handling of cytostatics is essential to protect products and staff from toxic substances.
  • In addition to compliance with GMP guidelines, validated cleaning techniques are an essential safety component .
  • An IUTA1 study commissioned by schülke confirms the reliability of perform® sterile mucasol in the cleaning of common cytostatics and monoclonal antibodies

Possible hazards from cytostatic drug residues

In the "MEWIP"2 research project, the contamination of the working environment with cytostatic drugs was examined by repeated sampling of selected surfaces. Carry-over and contamination with cytostatic drugs was detected on a wide variety of surfaces. They can pose a health risk on keyboards and telephones, in the laboratory, in storage and disposal rooms, in patient toilets, in ward rooms and corridors.

How perform® sterile mucasol protects against contact with harmful cytostatic drugs

The newly developed perform® sterile mucasol ensures a safe workplace due to its proven high effectiveness in cleaning. Thus reduces risks when handling cytostatics - especially in sterile areas A and B. The effectiveness of the product has been proven in a study commissioned by schülke from the Institute for Environment & Energy, Technology & Analytics e. V. (IUTA). To determine the cleaning performance, test surfaces were first contaminated with a defined concentration of ten common cytostatics. After the solvent had dried, the surfaces were cleaned with different wipes, cleaning solutions and quantities of cleaning solvent, depending on the study design. The result: perform® sterile mucasol showed excellent cleaning results even when used once with perform® sterile mixed dry wipes. When perform® sterile mucasol and subsequent desinfection was combined with perform sterile alcohol IPA, all 10 tested cytostatics were cleaned to 93.6 % - 99.9 %.

Product information perform® sterile mucasol

Sterile working solution with 2 % perform classic concentrate mucasol®; alkaline cleaner (pH 11.6); cleaning of common cytostatic drugs, proven by a study with the IUTA1; available in 500 ml and 1 l bottles, double-packed for safe introduction into cleanroom zones; with tested bag-in-bottle system for maintaining sterility after opening: Click here for more information.

1 Institut für Umwelt & Energie, Technik & Analytik e. V. - IUTA-Report of analysis No. 23/449: cleaning validation study of perform® sterile mucasol for cytotatic drugs / Institut für Umwelt & Energie, Technik & Analytik e. V. - IUTA-Report of analysis No. 23/718: cleaning validation study of perform® sterile mucasol for monoclonal antibodies
2 Monitoring-Effekt-Studie für Wischproben in Apotheken, BGW & Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik e. V., 2008

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perform sterile mucasol

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