Disinfect your hands: protect yourself and others


Whether you are in the subway, a daycare center or the office: germs and bacteria will be there with you. Many of them are harmless, but some carry infectious diseases.

Most of them enter our bodies with the touch of a hand. And it only takes seconds: If a sick person opens a door and shortly after them, a (still) healthy person touches the same door handle, rubs their tired eyes briefly or scratches their nose the pathogens already spread throughout their body. Once their immune system loses the fight, infectious diseases can occur.

When you wash and disinfect your hands regularly you can break the cycle of infection and even save lives. An infection with flu viruses and, in particular, multi-resistant pathogens such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) can have fatal consequences for vulnerable people such as senior citizens, young children and those with a pre-existing health condition.

The 6 steps of hand disinfection:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount (min. 3ml) of hand disinfectant to clean and dry hands
  2. Rub disinfectant palm to palm. Additionally rub the wrists.
  3. Run right palm over the back of the left hand and vice versa with spread fingers.
  4. Rub backs of interlocked fingers on opposing parts.
  5. Rub thumbs circling – right and left hand
  6. Rub fingertips circling in the palm – right and left hand

Watch all the steps in detail in our video:

Learn more about hand hygiene

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