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quartasept® plus

Liquid concentrate for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, based on a combination of quaternary ammonium compounds and amine derivatives.


Our Plus

  • aldehyde-free
  • disinfection and cleaning in one step
  • alkaline pH ensures good solubility of grease and oil contaminations
  • excellent foaming properties
  • effective against bacteria (incl. Salmonella, Listeria) and fungi
  • rinses off residue-free
  • does not contain any colorants or perfume
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Fields of Application
quartasept® plus is suited for surface disinfection and cleaning in all food-processing areas, for example
  • manufacturing spaces, storerooms, refrigeration rooms
  • worktops and production facilities
  • all kinds of tools and equipment
  • community catering canteen kitchens
as well as in
  • cosmetical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
Instructions for use
Apply diluted-concentrate solution to surfaces and equipment using a low-pressure washer. Alternative methods are wiping surfaces and equipment or immersing single objects into the solution, if applicable. Ensure that surfaces are fully wetted with liquid. After the recommended exposure times, rinse surfaces in contact with foodstuffs evenly with a sufficient amount of water of drinking-water quality. Clean tools and equipment with plenty of water.
The shelf life of the opened container corresponds to the expiry date printed on the container when handled and stored appropriately.
Microbiological efficacy
Efficacy Concentration Contact time
EN13697- dirty conditions
0.5 % (5 ml/l)
20 °C
30 min.
EN1276- dirty conditions
0.5 % (5 ml/l)
20 °C
5 min.
EN1276- dirty conditions
0.5 % (5 ml/l)
10 °C
30 min.
EN13697- dirty conditions
1 % (10 ml/l)
10 °C
60 min.
Listeria monocytogenes
in accordance with DVG
0.5 % (5 ml/l)
20 °C
5 min.
Salmonella spp.  
in accordance with DVG
0.75 % (7.5 ml/l)
20 °C
15 min.
EN1650, EN13697- dirty conditions
0.25 % (2.5 ml/l)
20 °C
15 min.
virucidal against enveloped viruses
in accordance with DVV
1.5 % (15 ml/l)
20 °C
5 min.
Product data
100 g solution contains the following active substances: 10 g Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC), 1,8 g N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine
Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004:
< 5 % non-ionic surfactants

Chemical-physical data

Flash point:49 °C / Method : DIN 51755 Part 1
Density:ca. 0,98 g/cm3 / 20 °C
Viscosity, dynamic:ca. 23 mPa*s / 20 °C / Method : ISO 3219
Color:nearly colourless
pH:ca. 9 / 20 °C
Special advice
Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
When sprayed do not breath spray. Protect from frost.
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
quartasept® plus 2 l bottle5/Cartonon request
quartasept® plus 10 l1/Canisteron request
quartasept® plus 5 l1/Canisteron request
quartasept® plus 20 l1/Canisteron request
quartasept plus 975 l EC1/Containeron request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Application aids
Item Item no.
schülke dosing feeder 5 l / 10 l (20ml / stroke) 117101
Decanter funnel 117901
tap for 20/ 25 lt can 126101
schülke tap for 5 l / 10 l can 135501
Can key for 5 + 10 l 135810
Can key for 20 + 25 l 135901
measuring cup 500 ml 136101
schülke dosing feeder 20 l / 25 l (20ml / stroke) 182501
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining our high quality standards.

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