Products for infection prevention 

With a clear mission to help fight disease and contamination before they emerge, schülke has focused its expertise in providing quality products and services across the globe.  Well placed to partner and support organisations and health care associated service-providers, we have a broad range of products suitable for hospital and health care, aged care, GP clinics, medical centres and dental practices in the following areas:

  • Hand and skin hygiene - with the trusted brand MICROSHIELD®. A widely recognised presence in the Australian and New Zealand health care market for over 30 years
  • Wound care and antisepsis - with octenidine. A skin and mucous membrane antiseptic with broad spectrum efficacy that is gentle and well tolerated by the skin and mucosa.
  • Surface cleaning and disinfection - with mikrozid®. A leading schulke brand in the provision of effective and material compatible solutions. 

当社では、クッキーなどの分析技法を使用して、当社サイトの訪問の頻度や利用状況を測定しています。ブラウザの設定を変更せずに継続してサイトをご覧いただく場合、クッキーの使用に同意いただいたものとさせていただきます。クッキーの詳細につきましては、クッキーポリシーをご参照ください。 こちら