Employees & society

Promoting togetherness

Schülke is very aware of its social responsibility and the challenge as a global company. Striving for outstanding performance and excellent quality goes hand in hand with the achievement of intensive cooperation. Mutual appreciation and respect, motivation and inspiration are the basis for a new advantage. Schülke has always recognised this and made it an integral part of its self-image. At schülke, successes are always team successes. Moreover, the social environment has a diverse impact on the development of a company: from the neighbourhood at the respective location to the worldwide public. Maintaining good relations and a constructive community are therefore of equally great importance to us at every level.

Identification needs motivation

Valuable products, innovative complete solutions and a corporate culture based on trust and team spirit: This is the mix that creates identification. Our employees believe in what they do. We are committed to promoting this awareness on a lasting basis. Schülke sets great store by internal communication, intensive exchange, mutual support, feedback and recognition. Do you want to delve deeper into our corporate culture? Find out more under the menu item Career. Safety at work and the protection of our employees’ health form the cornerstones for the further development of our corporate culture. For us, adherence to all legal requirements represents merely a self-evident minimum requirement. By defining extensive and specific safety regulations, we are also setting our standards in this regard. Whether fire protection measures, fire fighting drills, disease prevention or health counselling: schülke is fully committed to the physical well-being of its employees. For us, a Total Quality goal that does not encompass this aspect is inconceivable.

Indebted to science and research

Together, more is achievable. With this belief in mind, schülke also demonstrates initiative and dependability far beyond internal company-related contexts. On scientific initiative, we developed an outbreak database for the purposes of recording all major infections. Having handed it over to the university of Berlin, this database can be accessed from anywhere in the world for informational and educational purposes.

Via the Rudolf Schülke Foundation, which was founded as early as 1972, we also promote research and development specifically in the areas hygiene and microbiology. Every two years, scientists from this foundation, which is highly regarded among experts, are awarded for their outstanding contribution to the specific fields of hygiene, microbiology and preventative medicine.

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