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Thinking beyond and acting responsibly

At schülke, economics, ecology and social commitment place equal demands on our overall corporate thinking and actions. Long before environmental protection became an increasingly important topic of public debate, schülke, as a pioneer in this field, sent clear signals in relation to the topic of sustainability. Back in 1996, our site in Norderstedt was validated for the first time in accordance with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Since then we have lowered the amount of volatile organic compounds per cubic meter exhaust air by 97% and specific water consumption by 55%. In addition to this, schülke has also been able to significantly reduce waste generation. As a basic enabler for this development, comprehensive technical and organisational measures were taken and implemented. This now allows us to focus our efforts on increasing our awareness of sustainable conduct.

More sustainability – an ongoing process

Improving the framework for better sustainability through specific measures remains a permanent goal. A current example: at our logistics centre, which became operational in the summer of 2009, cutting-edge warehousing and fire protection technology ensures that our finished goods and packaging material are stored safely and in environmentally-sound fashion. As one of the first companies in our field, we compiled a comprehensive sustainability report in 2008 which, at the same time, satisfied environmental statement requirements. Validated by external environmental experts, this report drew great interest from the press and the public. schülke reviews its figures and current developments anew every year. We engage in dialogue openly and in a self-critical manner and continue to do our bit for the future of our society: with all our strength and determination – within the context of our holistic quality expectations.

Cooperation for intensive exchange

Our strong commitment to quality, environmental protection, work safety and risk management goes far beyond our corporate dimensions. Various memberships and co-operation partnerships give us the opportunity to engage in intensive exchange with others. We are always happy to present our expertise and longstanding experience to interested circles of experts, make suggestions and add new momentum. We want to inform, inspire and motivate others. This, too, is wholly in line with our self-image: fair, reliable and proactive.

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