World Oral Health Day - Be Proud Of Your Mouth


On today’s World Oral Health Day, it is time to “Be Proud Of Your Mouth” – or its theme in other words, value and take care of your mouth!

Often underestimated, oral health is crucial to our overall wellness and physical attractiveness and helps to prevent a number of health issues related to poor oral health.

Oral health and oral hygiene have been important topics at schülke for a long time. To raise awareness for oral health and encourage dental hygiene, we want to contribute by sharing some interesting facts around oral health and our schülke oral care product portfolio with you.

  • Worldwide, oral diseases are among the most common chronic diseases, affecting an estimated 3.5 billion people – almost every second person in the world - and impacting every aspect of life from relationships and self-confidence through to school, work and the ability to interact with others(1).

  • Poor dental health may, for example, contribute to dental caries. Globally, an estimated 2.4 billion people suffer from caries of permanent teeth and about 510 million children suffer from caries of the primary teeth (1,2).

  • Furthermore, poor dental hygiene may contribute to gingivitis and in the long term to periodontal disease. Severe periodontal disease is estimated to affect around 19% of the global adult population, representing more than 1 billion cases worldwide (2,3).

  • Vulnerable patients may be more susceptible to serious conditions, such as endocarditis and respiratory infection. Hence, implementation of an antiseptic oral hygiene routine is recommended in the context of infection prevention, for example in dental practice and ICU patients (4,5).

schülke product portfolio for a healthy mouth

We offer a safe and effective oral medicinal product, e.g., in situations where a temporary reduction of the oral bacterial count or temporary inhibition of plaque formation are required, as well as a mouth rinse solution that complements your daily oral hygiene.

These products are not available in every country. For more information, please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.

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(2) Global oral health status report, World Health Organization 2022
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