"You can become whatever you want" - But does this really apply to everyone?


"You can become whatever you want." For sure many people have heard this sentence before. But does it really apply to everyone? A lot has been done in recent years to promote diversity and equality in the workplace, among other things. And yet many professions and work fields are far from being diverse or offering equal opportunities.

At schülke, we firmly believe that in our globalized world diversity and equality should be more than just empty words. They are an essential part of a culture characterized by innovation, inclusion and creativity. A diverse workforce brings together different ideas, experiences and perspectives. And this enables us to better understand the diverse needs of our customers, but also the needs of our own employees.

Ilja König, Director Human Resources & Corporate Communications at schülke, says: "It is important to us to enable an active and continuous exchange on these topics within the teams and to provide appropriate platforms, such as the Women Roundtable or interactive workshops. Equal pay and ensuring work-life balance are also important issues for us, which we actively address. As an employer, we see it as a great opportunity to support women and girls withe these measures and to further promote the innovative and creative spirit at schülke."

As part of the 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science' at the beginning of February, we interviewed several female colleagues at schülke who work in STEM professions. A field in which women and girls are still underrepresented. Their message for all women and girls: be brave and follow your passion.

Katharina Kapoor

Katharina Kapoor

Senior Managerin Medical & Clinical Affairs

My interest in science was sparked in school by my biology and chemistry teacher. She started each class with a hypothesis which we had to verify through experiments – I was hooked. I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research, to be able to conduct experiments of all sorts every day and gain exciting insights.

Yet, there are many more reasons why working in the Scientific, Medical & Clinical Affairs team is quite amazing. We are also a great international team and know how to inspire each other. My work is very exciting because I am involved in the conception and planning of scientific and clinical studies and the development of new products. It's great to contribute in this way to our mission to protect lives worldwide!

The advice I would like to give to young women who want to pursue a career in science or technology would be: Follow your interests and don't let (gender-related) obstacles deter you from your path. Find yourselves a female mentor who can support and inspire you.

Sophie Ranga

Sophie Ranga

Regulatory Affairs & Microbiology Manager, Bioxal (France)

The world of science has always fascinated me. So, it seemed only natural for me to study chemistry. However, even though I got a degree in chemical engineering, it took me some time to land my first job, because the working world of STEM used to be a male dominated field eight years ago. Yet, when I started my position at schülke in Regulatory Affairs, nobody ever questioned my abilities and I felt valued as a person and for my skills from the very beginning. My colleagues always supported me and continued to do so when I eventually took on a management position.

What appeals to me most about a career in STEM at schülke are the daily challenges: Our customers have high expectations of the quality and effectiveness of our products. We also have to comply with very strict regulations and laws in the production process.

The best advice I can give young women: Trust your gut feeling, because it's always right! Believe in yourself and apply for the high-ranking position that appeals to you. There may still be some obstacles for you to overcome, but more and more women are working in STEM management positions – and you can be one of them.

Dr. Anna-Maria Junemann

Dr. Anna-Maria Junemann

Head of Quality Control - Microbiology

STEM inspires me because it requires analytical thinking and an understanding of complex topics. The career opportunities are as varied as the tasks: With my degree in STEM, I could have worked in research or manufacturing, as well as in a more theoretical surrounding e.g. as a consultant or a teacher.

I decided to pursue a career at schülke, because it offered me the opportunity to get to know all areas of a pharmaceutical company, such as research and development, production and quality control, marketing and sales.

If you are considering a career in STEM, don't be discouraged by the high-level requirements. Stay curious and dare to take on challenges. Contact women who successfully work in the pharmaceutical sector to learn from their experience and ask them for support.

Pearleen Ho

Pearleen Ho

Senior Application Specialist, schülke APAC (Singapore)

I was always curious about science so pursuing a life science degree was only natural. When I started working in the microbiology laboratory at the hospital, this curiosity developed into a passion. Every time I observed the fluorescent acid-fast bacilli through the dark field microscope and the bacteria morphologies on the culture plates, I was just in awe. I also experienced great satisfaction knowing that my work contributed to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and thus improved the lives of patients.

What I appreciate most about schülke is that all employees are given the same opportunities here. The experience gained from the collaboration and interaction with my colleagues from different departments and subsidiaries have broadened my horizons.

To all the ladies: If you are interested in a career in science or technology, follow your heart and don’t be afraid. You will see that companies like schülke will welcome you with open arms. I really hope that the number of female colleagues in STEM fields, especially in the APAC region, will only continue to increase.

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