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schülke wound pad

Therapeutically effective for wound healing and prevention


Our Plus

  • can be used in combination with octenilin® wound irrigation solution
  • blood flow is stimulated around the contact area
  • promotion of granulation
  • individual usability because of the different textures and surfaces
  • reduces the amount of germs, cleans the wound, promotes healing
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Fields of Application
schülke wound pads are effective on
  • acute and chronic wounds
  • postoperative wounds
  • extensive burns
Instructions for use
schülke wound pad can significantly reduce the risk of a wound developing as a result of poor blood circulation. Wound healing disorders due to poor blood circulation may be reduced or removed, and infected wounds are cleaned, largely without the need for any further action. It stimulates granulation and epithelisation with desired results often occurring rapidly.
Debridement is a central component of wound care with the aim of producing favourable conditions both within and at the wound margins.
Blood flow is stimulated around the contact area which encourages the body's natural reactions to healing contaminated or infected wounds. This leads to the promotion of granulation.

The use of schülke wound pad red, blue and white can be combined.

schülke wound pad should be used under the guidance of clinically trained staff in accordance with individual requirements.

schülke wound pad is intended for single use and is usually applied directly onto or into the wound with nor further action (e.g. no ointments or irrigation etc.). Additional measures may negatively affect the result. A combination with octenilin® Wound Irrigation Solution is possible.

With the schülke wound pad, wounds can be cleaned or covered.
Product data
schülke wound pads are an elastic, expanded polyurethane (PUR), with a coarse texture and rough surface. schülke wound pads are used for wound treatment and care when a strong, elastic material that has high permeability to air and liquid is required. The single wound pads differ in their texture and the level of permeability to air and liquid.
  • red: coase texture, rough surface, high permeability to liquid
  • blue: medium-coarse texture, rough surface, high permeability to liquid
  • white: fine texture, smooth surface, low permeability to liquid
Special advice
schülke wound pads
  • are single use and sterile whilst packaging remains intact.
  • must not be re-used or re-sterilised.
  • must not be used in direct contact with mucosa or internal organs.

Considerable pain may be experienced on wounds with previously poor blood supply. In most cases pain will reduce after a few hours or, in severe cases, within a few days.

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schülke wound pad b/r/w 12 ST BX54/Cartonon request
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